Miami is greatly known for its event all year round, in any hour of the day. Lots of annual events are worth attending in Miami to celebrate the concept of You Only Live Once (YOLO) as well as meeting different people and understanding different cultures. Miami is indeed a place to go. Here are some of the annually hosted special events in Miami.

Miami Broward Carnival

Miami brings the greatest Carnival event in town every October. The Miami Broward Carnival is a must go event because you do not need to go to Brazil or the Caribbean Islands to experience the ultimate Carnival fun and excitement. This special event is held at Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds from 11 am to 11 pm. This an all in fun carnival experience, not only for the kids but for the whole family. Enjoy and have fun with the amazing costumes, concerts, food and traditional cocktails tasting, cooking and entertainment shows.

Miami International Boat Show

For the love of boats, do not miss this special event in Miami and say hello to over 3,000 boat exhibits. This event is in multiple locations all around Miami. Do not miss the chance to see the different kinds of boats you ever dreamed of from sailboats, yachts, catamarans and racing boats. This is event has special event permit Miami only during February. This is not only an exhibit but an experience since you will the chance to a hands-on learning on boats, guided by the experts.

Miami Art Deco Weekend

If you looking for a trip to the memory lane, the Miami Art Deco Weekend is the best event for you. Check out the evolution of architecture from different cities in different eras. This event takes place every mid-January at the Lummus Park and around 11th Street and Ocean Drive. Meet different people who travelled from different parts of the world to take part in the awareness and appreciation of art and

architecture. This exhibit has different activities too like live performances and fun events for kids and dogs.

Miami Beach Polo World Cup

If you are looking for a sporty event, the Miami Beach Polo World Cup is indeed a wonderful experience. This event is hosted every April and this is the world’s biggest polo event. Polo, being a fascinating sport, in this event meets word-class players and witness different matches in different categories. This is not just sport event but a charity event for nonprofit.

Miami Beach Gay Parade

April is not only for Polo but it is a month also for the LGBTQ community. Miami Beach has been hosting the Miami Beach Gay Parade since 2009. This is attended by more than 100,000 people. The highlights of this event are the Pride Lights, street parade and Beach Party Festival Village.

There are still amazing and enjoyable events in Miami. Book a ticket now and avail the hotels discounts. The earlier you books, the bigger discounts you enjoy. Bring the whole family and share the experience the greatest days of your life.