Once in a while we indulge into a fun and all booze galore with our friends after work or the weekend. Sometimes we do it with our family on special occasions like weddings and birthdays. Drinking liquor has benefits, it’s actually not all too bad as some type of liquors have health benefits. Take wine for example, it’s variety, the red wine promotes cardiovascular health while, beer on the other hand prevents kidney stones. But, too much of everything eventually becomes bad, so as frequent liquor drinking sprees and as well as the aftermath.  


After a night of hard drinking, you must know the things and the activities you must avoid to keep yourself and your drinking buddies safe. Most of the time when we have had our alcohol limit, our judgement, vision, hearing, and even locomotive skills become impaired. This makes us vulnerable to accidents and somewhat a danger to people around us. So, before you take that last shot of tequila, remember these things you need to avoid after a night of heavy drinking: 


Drink and Drive 

We have put this on the top of our list as this kind of reminder may never be enough as there is still DUI related accidents on the road every day. Driving under the influence is a serious offense but what’s worse than hiring Fort Myers DUI lawyers is getting cars totaled because the driver is too drunk to drive. It is estimated that more than 10,000 people in the US dies every year due to DUI. This can be prevented by having a friend do the designated driving for the night or call and Uber or Lyft. Remember, going home late is better than driving impaired.  


Taking Medicines 

While under the influence of any type of liquor, be very careful with taking medicines as this can result to either, making your drowsy or intensifying its effect. Some medicines may contain ingredients that should not be mixed with alcohol which can cause and adverse effect when taken. In the event that you are feeling a little bit under the weather while drinking, consult a physician so they can give you the right medicine to take.  


Having Another Round of Drinks 

Sometimes time may past very slow and you think you can still get another round of whiskey, but it’s very important to say no to the vino. Do not push your limits, if you can’t take it anymore just pass. Too much alcohol intake can greatly affect your liver and could cause major health problems, not to mention you may sleep on the bar if your way passes your alcohol limit.  


Illegal Drugs 

Mixing illegal drugs with alcohol is never a good idea. Taking legal drugs with alcohol can do some damage, how much more if you throw illegal drugs into the mix. Alcohol is very reactive to other substances, and this may even cause death to the user once mixed. Arrythmia, high blood pressure, and the risk of heart attack are just some of the few things that you may experience when you mix the two.  


Booze can be great and has been a part of our socializing culture, but remember having too much of the good things can be very bad so, always be careful and yes, DRINK MODERATELY.